COVID – 19 and Human life in 2020

Just give a kick again…..

As we have entered into year 2020, this COVID-19 / CORONA VIRUS pandemic came with & made our life imbalanced. No one has ever thought about such situation. Till last year everything was going on very smoothly and there was no any obstacle in life cycle. But due to this pandemic, we all have been suffering from the imbalanced lifestyle. It’s not about any specific place, this has got existence in each & every place of world. USA, UK, Asian countries, African countries, Gulf countries, Europe etc all have been suffering from the same situation, some countries have got relief from it & some have not. People have lose their jobs and some businessmen have lose their chance to get profit – margin. Everyone is not poor & everyone is not rich everywhere. Without earning it’s too much difficult to pass the routine lifestyle for the months. However government has helped such people who belong to the group of poverty. Except some businesses only, no any organization is in a mood of hiring qualified people who have already lose a job due to Corona. That’s why some people are getting very hyper.

This time is not the right time to take a backstep & sit in a relaxed mood. Try to find out opportunities which is of your interest. Slowly slowly situation will definitely be fine and everything will be smooth running as before but till that we have to maintain our life. Remember that “Every legal activity which can help you to earn money, you should do that work… ” .

I’ve seen many people who have worked before in a Reputation in terms of Workplace as well as Dignity but due to corona breakdown they are working & earning money without seeing anything. What matters exactly for them, to earn money, not position. Start thinking about your skills and knowledge & try to find out opportunities for the same.

Some people are working from home now a days. They are showcasing their skills through online platforms and getting work from the same. They complete projects and getting paid from the clients. Some freelancing sites offer remote jobs which you can do from anywhere & can earn by accomplishing minimal projects.

If you have some capital to invest then take a survey of your local market & start a business of supplies / products which are unavailable at your place.

In short, discouragement would be very harmful your mental health & decrease your smartness & sharpness. Rather than that try to be active all the day. Part time jobs, remote jobs, freelancing work, internships, projects, etc are the path for the same.

Active mind always get paid ….”

How NATURE plays a role in our life?

Captured :- ©Sagar Barot

Nature has so many attributes & characteristics which can be learnt from it.

As a human being, there is no one who has such tolerance power as Nature has. Sometimes it happens that someone hurts you , spoil your mood, irritating you but when that really matters to you , then understand one thing that you will never get happiness for yourself. If your happiness / sadness depends on other people that means you have not an idea about yourself, you’ve not been inside of your heart, you have not identified yourself till date. Let me ask you all one thing, Why someone is getting such a chance to be a reason of your feelings??

  • Has that person made you?
  • Has that person given you a birth?
  • Has that person sacrificed everything for you?
  • Has that person stood next to you when you needed?

And such many questions… If above questions would get YES in answer, then it’s OK but if answer would be NO then you’re belonging to the group of fools. It’s quite bitter but fact is that you’re being fooled by someone. That person has got your weak nerve to pinch & you’re letting him/her to play with your feelings.

Nature definitely teaches us to stay calm, face every situation with smiles but also teaches us to be a Tornado / Earthquake / Volcano when needed. Sometimes we have to show our bitter & stronger side of us to protect yourself, your feelings. So that no one would try to experiment your patience without any reason. Once world sees your protective side for yourself, one would definitely think twice to play with your heart & mind wrongfully.

Nature teaches us to stand on our own. Whatever situation comes in life, we should never take a back step. If we’re standing alone, then it’s fine don’t worry about anything. Some day you’ll definitely get company around you when your place would get it’s value. Everyone would like stand next to valuable. Then you are the one who has knowledge of each & everything of that place.

“Grown trees always get company to save themselves from direct sunlight ” -SDBarot

Nature has everything and humans can learn each & everything from it but the thing is, Humans should have that Identification power, they should have such type of Point of view. Being bitter or sweeter doesn’t mean you have only that type of nature (in terms of human behavior). Sometimes bitter can give a perfect path to someone for progress & sometimes sweeter can do the same. It depends on the situations & the personalities around you. As I said it all depends on the situations, both type of people can either help you or harm you. Like eating sweet is good and it give us good feelings but having excessive sugar can make us a diabetic patient also. In short, we all should have various personalities around us in terms of relations but we should match & mix up with them according to each personality. Do what you would like to do but only one thing you must keep in your mind, your any activity must not be harmful to others (mentally & physically).

How can we describe the ‘LIFE’?


This word explains us a lot. What is life?? We all have heard that Life is a Game, Life is a something where you have to work for living, Life is a journey , when something goes wrong and irritates you then what you say, “This is life , it happens “…. No… God has given us a chance to live on the earth and experience it throughout the time.

We all are human being and only fortunate souls can such precious chance. We all have to respect this journey of living and should enjoy such a great time along with Responsibilities as well as Self Happiness. Unfortunately, we can’t do the same with ease. When someone enters into this world as an Infant, from that day only he/she gets started to take challenges of life. I’m not saying that we should not think about future but that’s quite unfair when it costs present time’s happiness. We never should spoil our present moment. When we get enrolled into any school / university we only chase marks or grades. Let me ask you all, Is it fair enough to get educated yourself on the basis of grade?? Answer should be ‘No’ … Because only aggregating brighter marks or grades doesn’t mean you have grasped enough knowledge about anything. So we must try to get knowledge, understand that, implement that in real life rather than getting only brighter scores. I can understand that Merit is also important but only for merit getting education is not fair. When we are being taught by someone at that point of time we only have to focus on that theory and should grasp it & understand it. When this education would be helpful to you in becoming a successful Breadwinner, at that time we can say that you have got a perfect knowledge & education.

Same thing, Life is an institution which teaches you a lot of things. It makes you to meet new people throughout it. Helps you in getting idea of how to behave with someone, how to treat others according to that persons behavior, who’s important & who’s not, who’s your well wisher, who would be harmful and can spoil your journey, who’s the reason of your happiness, who’s the reason of spreading negativity and such other fundamentals of life.

Life gives you so many experiences & eventually you can get yourself polished. Sometimes your mind can not understand whether you will overcome the situation or not but experiences of life can help you in the same.

“We are very fortunate who could get such a beautiful time period of living on the earth as human beings… ” -S.D.Barot